2024 Cover Letter


We want to say thank you for taking the time to consider becoming a sponsor!!  Not only does the game of baseball keep kids active, but it also helps with social skills and of course making new friends!  Yakima National Little League wants to have a place for kids to go instead of turning to the streets.  We want to have a place for kids where they feel safe, have fun, and learn the great game of baseball!  And who knows…they just might make it to the big leagues one day!

With your generous contribution, Yakima National Little League will promote your business in 3 ways;


Place your company name & logo on the sponsored team banner that will be displayed at every game,

Recognition of your company on the Yakima National Little League Facebook page and website, and

Receive a sponsorship plaque with team photo!

If interested, please click the links above to get started and thank you once again for considering sponsorship!!